The Prodigal Clown Costumes


This is the post of 72 costumes, all collected, organized, and sometimes made from scratch by me.  It was the biggest sewing undertaking of my life.  And it was fun beyond my imagination.  The joy on the kids’ faces when they saw their costumes for the first time was utterly priceless.

So, more photos!

IMG_3777  Here you can see a few of my favorites- I am particularly in love with the marching band.  Next to the two girls in the front we have the snake charmer (with his turban cocked oddly toward the back of his head), the dancing bear, and a peacock (that one was purchased).  In the back row with the giant pink glasses is one of my favorite clowns.  This was rehearsal, so no makeup.

IMG_3783 This is the lion tamer.  He lost his lion, so I don’t have her picture… oops.

IMG_3785  This is the dancing sheep named Petunia.  I am in love with this costume!

IMG_3788  The two circus masters- the ring leader and the manager.  I love everything about both costumes, but I am particularly in love with the ring master’s tailcoat.

IMG_3794  A pair of clowns.

IMG_3830  In this picture, you can see the lion, although I’m not sure where her mane went.  I also love the zebra you can see in the back row.  Black felt on white knit.

IMG_3858 Here we have the world’s easiest jester costume with felt jester hat (the red and black one was store bought) and the orange construction vest from broadcloth and ribbon, also easy peasy.

IMG_3861 I.  Adore.  The elephants.  Just moved one sleeve onto the other and added ears and a face.

IMG_3863  Clown from a T shirt, tulle, and strips of colorful fabric and pompoms.

IMG_3884IMG_3934  The trapeze girls had shrugs made from tacky old curtains.  Hah!

IMG_3911  The cheetah costumes were made from a Walmart fleece blanket.

IMG_4055 Here you can see the purple clown.  Her dress was made from a bedsheet and dust ruffle and some fabric scraps.

IMG_3948 There is the lion’s mane.  As well as the cotton candy vendor.

IMG_4001 Another cute zebra, made from a printed hoodie.


And there is the whole kit and caboodle.


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