My Easter Skirt (plus a knit shirt)


Remember when I cut out the princess’s dress and I had a crazy diagram to fit all the pieces in?  That’s because I cut out all the pieces for this too.  And I love the finished product.  Everything went according to plan, except for one little detail.  I cut the lining as a rectangle, the size of my waist.  Forgot to factor in the hips… So I had to slit the lining in the back… It now looks like this inside.

IMG_4388  Which is fine, and it actually looks nicely finished  I also decided to a rolled hem with overcasting stitch on the seersucker, and I like it.  Nice and subtle.  And simple.


And last  but not least, the zipper.  I shortened it in the back, and attached it all the way to the top, with the side tape running up and over the waistband so I wouldn’t need any hooks or snaps above the zipper.  I love how it turned out, too.


Basically, the skirt is just a bunch of rectangles with four big inverted box pleats.  So easy, and so adorable!

I also made this cute little shirt.


It was going to be for big mister, but it looked too girly.  And then it was too big on princess.  So Mommy got it!


And I actually REALLY love it!  I’m wearing it right now.

Only one flaw, but no one will notice…


Because knit is HARD to work with, even when you pin it.  🙂


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