Easter Sewing Modifications

The thumb is healed enough that I can begin sewing again in earnest, so the first thing on my agenda was making some changes to the kids Easter clothes.

First, for the princess, I made a ribbon for her hair, and added a second layer of trim to the hem of her skirt.


For the little mister, I ended up adding a zipper to the back, because he loved shoving his hands in the giant pocket, and it was pulling the pants down.  In order to make them tight enough to stay up, they were hard to get on.  Thus, the addition of the zipper!


Finally, I completely disassembled the big mister’s vest and started over.  He grew so much it just looked ridiculous on him!  I decided to go a little more “grown up”, and I created a suede vest instead.  He loves how soft it is, but he insisted I move the rabbit onto it, thus the odd little bunny pocket.  I added the button tabs on the shoulders because it was just so plain.  For the arm holes and the bottom hem, I went with a double rolled hem, but it was pretty difficult with the thick suede, and I am not that focused when I sew, so they are pretty messy, especially around the arm.  The hubby says big mister moves so much no one will notice.  I hope not.  I don’t have time to make a third vest!


After that, I decided to save the collar from the original vest and tack it to the shoulders of the little mister’s shirt, since the sailor collar coordinates with the sailor pants.  Looking at it finished, I should have added a row of brown bias trim to the bottom, but I was so tired and ready to be DONE sewing.  Maybe tomorrow if I feel like spooling up the brown.  It would certainly look better…


So there you have the changes and why I did them.  Hopefully Easter Sunday we’ll get a picture of them all before someone spills red jello or falls in a mud puddle (or snow bank…)


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