Photo Editing Process


So today I’ll show you how I go from the first image to the second one in a matter of minutes.  I have a workflow, and it works great.


First I adjust the white balance, because who wants oompa-loompas?


Then I go crazy with contrast, as well as boosting the exposure to keep the highlights bright.


I don’t always go this extreme, but I do always adjust vibrance and saturation.  It makes a huge difference on the mood of the photo.  I also work in the individual color channels to do things like soften the brightly colored background items.


This is a subtle change, but I almost always do this to some degree as well.  I like my photos warmer, so I’ll often drop a little warm split toning into the shadows.  I also twiddle with the luminance on some of the clothing colors in order to darken them so the faces stand out.


Finally, I decrease the noise if necessary, spot fix any blemishes, and add a vignette.  Often it is so subtle you can’t even tell.  Here, you can obviously tell.  I was trying to hide the background, and it worked.  Also hid Daddy’s shiny head a bit, too.



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