Easter Morning


If it wasn’t past my bedtime, I might perhaps type something deep and meaningful about Easter.  But it’s been done 1000 times by men and women more talented than myself.  Suffice it to say, it still takes my breath away that He chose that cross for me!

Anyway, after all the time and energy that went into everyone’s Easter clothes, and all the blog posts about their construction and alteration, I wanted to post the images from this morning.

IMG_4656  Upon arriving at church, Little Mister immediately started a game of Ring around the Rosie without telling anyone.  And he skipped right to the end.  “We all fall down.”

Once they were all back on their feet and dusted off, we stood by the wall and shot a few images just in case the clothes didn’t survive Sunday School.

IMG_4612 IMG_4622 IMG_4636 IMG_4644

And yes, Little Mister felt the need to shoot me with a bow and arrow before he would hold still and let me take his picture.

Then I tried to get them all together.  They were a bit silly.


Big Mister took my picture, too.


It was too cold for the sandals and cropped sweater I had originally planned, but the boots and blazers worked, too.

After church, we went to the studio for quick pictures.  They built the “set”.  I’ve found they tend to be more cooperative when they have a say in the photos, so why not?

Little Mister first, and then they started Ring Around the Rosie again.  I asked them not to fall down…

IMG_4707IMG_4718 IMG_4720

Then Princess and Big Mister.


And all three together.  This was HARD.


But what always seems to eventually do the trick, “cheek to cheek!”



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