Project Run and Play Sling Dress

After making the sling purse based on this pattern by Sugar Bee Crafts, I had a brilliant idea to use the reversible contrast panel sling idea to make a reversible dress for the princess.

I drew up some sketches.  I hopped onto my favorite online fabric store, ordered up some fabric and sat back and waited.  And waited.  Finally I contacted them, and they apologized, they ran out of one of my fabrics.  But since I was in a hurry, I cancelled the order and ran to JoAnn’s instead.

2.5 yards of fabric, 3 spools of thread, and 2 gorgeous buttons later, I was in business.

I started with the pants, because I thought they would be quick and easy.


I have been battling a sinus infection, so I’m not sure what happened, but my measurements were WAY off.  I ended up having to add a contrast panel down the sides of the pants, and you know what?   I LOVE IT!  I wish I had thought of it to begin with!

Here are some close ups of the pants.

IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564

THen, I set to work on the dress.  I wanted the straps to be off the shoulders, to give it a big scoop across the front, but that meant I had to fit it well across the chest. This time I measured correctly!

I made one pattern piece that I used for the back, cut on the fold.  Then I trimmed it down and used it to make the side front panels, and the piece I cut out I added an inch, cut it on the fold for the panel down the front.

Then I assembled two dresses and then stitched them together.  I flipped them right side out and topstitched the seams in contrast colors, per Princess’s request.  I fiddled with placement of the button and buttonhole until I had three different methods of closing the dress depending on how she is wearing it and whether she wants the button to show or not.

IMG_5565 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5569 IMG_5570

Then we ran outside for some picutres, but it literally started to rain as soon as we stepped outside, so I shot the fastest, unposed, ugly background photos ever.  Maybe I’ll do more another time, but she’s already wearing the dress to the store with Daddy, so who knows.

At least if she spills on it, she can reverse it.  Best summer play clothes idea ever!

These first three are one side of the dress.

IMG_5573 IMG_5577 IMG_5579

These two are the other side of the dress.

IMG_5596 IMG_5597


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