Project Run and Play Chevron Shirt

IMG_6277This project started with the same pattern as the dress I finished for the princess last weekend. (Made from this pattern by Melanie from Crafty Cupboard).  The only thing I changed was leaving out the elastic waist and the button placket because I used stretchy knit instead of woven fabric.  I also gathered BOTH sides of the sleeves to make them super ruffly, per the princess’s request.

Inspired by the chevron print on the original top, I cut my striped fabric on the bias in order to mimic the shape of the chevron.


My printer ran out of paper, so the bottom half of the shirt I had to cut by eye.  No problem.  It turned out the perfect length.

I was working with scraps, so the pieces for the back wouldn’t fit on the bias, so I used the backside of the fabric (which is a lovely polka dot).


I made the yoke front and back from the opposite sides of the fabric as well.


Then I assembled it.


A few things to note- It ended up wider than I anticipated, so I had to pull in the front of the neckline so it wouldn’t sag.  Turns out, the little pleats with the crochet flower are PERFECT.  There was also a snag in the fabric where one of the other two flowers is located.  So the flowers are beautiful decorations that serve a purpose.  What a wonderful way to use up scraps and make the princess another wardrobe piece.

She says “It is one of the best things you’ve made me.”  And I almost didn’t make it…


Close up of the yoke- I ended up using facing instead of a complete inner yoke because my fabric scraps were too small.  The princess said it was uncomfortable, so I stitched the edges down on the inside, which created a nice third row of stitching around the neck.


Here you can see the hem and armhole trim.  I just double rolled both hems instead of using bias trim or facing.  The joy of knits!


And one last silly picture!



7 thoughts on “Project Run and Play Chevron Shirt

  1. You are already a winner when your daughter said it was ” the best thing that you’ve ever made me.” Showing our love for those special people in our lives is one of the reasons that I sew.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

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  2. This is just super cute! Definitely something I think my school girl would love too. I love the sleeves, what a great idea, I have to remember that in some project! I have never used such double-sided knit, it looks really interesting 🙂

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