Little Mister’s Fish Shorts

Once again, the little mister requested a pair of suspender shorts.  Perhaps he is inspired by Prince George’s fashion sense.  Then again, not really.  I let the kidlets design their own play clothes, and this is what he came up with.


He drew the “waves” on the straps and cuffs.

IMG_6311 IMG_6312

And the fish doodle was all him.  Even the giant bubbles “so he can get lots of air in his gills”.  I think that line in the middle of the fish is his gill.  Maybe.


By the way, I think that I will NEVER work with this fabric again.  It stretches and twists and it is downright evil.  Interfacing shows through (thus the pocket is paler) and it was a nightmare.  Took me four times as long as a plain cotton weave would have.  That said, the little mister loves them, so I guess it was worth it.


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