Project Run and Play Elastic Waist Flutter Dress

This pattern from Melanie at Crafty Cupboard is just too easy and fun to work with!  Once I figured out how to narrow the neck to get the proper fit, and raise the arm holes a bit, I have a pretty awesome go-to pattern on my hands.  I already used it to make this dress… IMG_6047  And this shirt… IMG_6297

But I had to make one more before the deadline, because I hadn’t tried the elastic waist yet.

I decided to forego the yoke, so I taped the yoke and body pattern pieces together, overlapping the seam allowance.  I wanted to add a skirt, so I cut the pieces with super wide sides to create princess gathers, an effect I have had in my mind for a while that I wanted to try.  This beautiful polyester challis was the perfect fluttery fabric for this project!


When I cut the sleeves. I cut four instead of two so that I could line them since the back side of the challis is unprinted.  I was planning to do the sleeves as flutters since the princess and I loved them so much on the other projects, but when I played with them, I fell in love with the little tulip cap sleeves.


The cute little overlap is in the armpit, so it will likely never be seen, but I still love it.

IMG_6320 IMG_6397

Then I did the princess gathers.  This was so fun and easy!  I just ran a gathering stitch up the side seam and pulled into the longer portion of the skirt was the same length as the middle.  I then tacked it down with a permanent stitch.  Voila!  Adorable and super unique!


Then it was on to the elastic waistband.  Just as Melanie’s tutorial directed, and it was so easy and it looks just perfect from the outside.


And perfect on the inside too!


Finally, I put in the hem, double rolled with an overcasting stitch.


But, the bobbin ran out during the hem, and by the time I remembered I hadn’t finished, the princess was asleep for the night.  I guess photos of her in the dress will have to come tomorrow morning.  I know it fits, though, because she tried it on just before I did the hem.  I can’t wait to show you how cute it is on her!

Until then, here it is hanging up.  It looks a little weird because the sides are heavy and pull the waist down.


The princess has hips, so it sits straight on her, kind of like this.


ETA to add the link to the photos of the princess wearing it.



4 thoughts on “Project Run and Play Elastic Waist Flutter Dress

    • Thanks. I just kept being inspired by the simplicity of the pattern. So much possibility. It’s rare to find a free pattern that is appropriate for older kids, I think.


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