Spring Jacket

So this is why I don’t like trusting patterns.


I mean, it is cute, but it doesn’t fit right.  The shoulders are WAY too wide.  And the sleeves aren’t quite short enough to be three quarters so they just look too short.  I like where the waist sits, though.  I should have measured myself, but I whipped it up so fast I didn’t expect it to be so cute.  I was just playing around with some VERY inexpensive, beautifully stable knit.  I love the finished jacket!  There are dozens of things I would have done better if I were trying my hardest, but for something I threw together in one sitting, it turned out pretty adorable.

IMG_6432 IMG_6436 IMG_6442 IMG_6443

I ended up top stitching the shoulders to keep the facing in place.  I did the same along the ruffle.  The right sleeve slipped while I was sewing it, so there is a bit of a funky wrinkle if I lift my arm, but I don’t think anyone will notice.  Nor will they notice that I had to switch my teal thread halfway through because I ran out of the less shiny one.  All in all, super fast, super easy, and super wearable.


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