Sneak Peek

This months Project Run and Play inspiration is this


Elsa costume by Kiki and Company.

I liked the way the original looked iwth the white T underneath, and I wanted to figure out a way to make it work for the little mister.  So I pulled out a pattern for a raglan T and decided to chop it under the sleeves to colorblock it so that it mimics the original.  I decided that I did NOT want another velcro cape because we lose them ALL the time, so I sewed this one into the seam.  My older kids ALSO wanted one, and my daughter insisted her best friend needs one that coordinates with hers as well.  They are dressing up for dress up day next week as “underwater superheros”.  This is where Wonder Under enters the story.  I have never used it, but I am about to attempt to add sea creatures to their capes.


Until then, here is the princess trying on her best friends shirt (which is too big on her).  Note I added pintucks to the front of the neckline because it looked way too much like a rash guard.  Still does, but the princess says she IS an underwater superhero…


And the little mister in his, although since he is SO much tinier than the girls, his yoke is much too low and his cape looks like a skirt, so I think I’m going to raise the cape somehow.  Wish me luck on that one!

IMG_6912 IMG_6924 IMG_6913 IMG_6917

Then I’m going to make the princess hers to match her friends, and then the big mister.  His won’t be from the costume knit because of his sensory needs, so it will be softer and less colorful, but it should be equally cute.


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