Project Run and Play Elsa Inspired Super Hero Shirts

So here are the three main creations for this month, with one for princess’s friend and one for little mister’s friend still in the works.

IMG_6989 IMG_6991 IMG_7008


Okay, let’s start at the beginning.

Project Run and Play posted this Elsa dress by Kiki and Company as the inspiration for this month.  At first I was like, really?  The princess already has a mom made Elsa dress…


But then, I thought to myself- how do I turn this into a superhero costume for the little mister?  He is ALWAYS losing velcro capes, and I wanted to create a shirt with a cape sewn in.

So I liked how the white T shirt looked peeking out of the tube top, and I decided to mimic that with a blue “tube” and yellow “T” and then the cape would be sewn in instead of velcroed.  Also, the cape had to be superhero length and not princess length.


Then for the princess, she wanted a solid color shirt instead of the two tone, so I made one for her friend and the opposite for her.  (The friend one didn’t make it to the photo studio…)


Finally, I made one for my sensory mister.  This one was a lot trickier, because he hates the polyester costume knit, and he hates exposed seams, but he wanted a superhero cape shirt like his brother and sister. (Only “shorter and skinnier”)  Okay…


So, onto the details.

I actually started with the purple shirt for the princess’s friend because it was the largest, and I was cutting down a raglan T pattern as I went.  There is the pattern as well as a couple printed animal sillhouettes for the appliques.


This is from an OLD (early 80’s?) Simplicity pattern- 9080.  One thing, I don’t know if my knit was just super uncooperative, or if everyone had gigantic heads 20 years ago, but the neck’s on these things turned out ENORMOUS.  I will explain how I creatively solved that problem on each individual shirt.

To start, I cut the back panel an inch longer than the pattern, and slit it in half right below the arm holes. (For this one, I did the top in yellow and the bottom in blue, it’s easier to see where I cut it.  The rest of this explanation will be all blue.)IMG_6902

I created a rectangle cape, and then inserted it between the two pieces when I sewed them back together with a half inch seam allowance.

IMG_6938IMG_6941   IMG_6942

Then, to prevent itching and to prevent the ruffle showing through the thin material of the yoke, I encased it with a strip of fabric.


Then I sewed together the shirt according to the Simplicity pattern directions.


There was, however, a problem.  The neck hole was ENORMOUS.  So, I added pin tucks.  Unfortunately, it was after I’d already added the neck band, so it is a little awkward.  I also pulled it in at all four of the arm seams.


On the princess’s, I decided to try something different.  I only attached the neck band to the arms and back, and gathered the front instead.


For the littlest mister, I’d figured out to cut it differently and didn’t need to adjust his.

But, the big mister needed altered, after I’d attached most of the neck band, I realized my problem and got creative.


In order to make sure his had no seams on the inside, I lined it.  I also did his back yoke different.  Instead of two separate pieces with the cape sandwiched between, I attached the cape to the yoke first, and then sewed the yoke to the lining.

IMG_6968 IMG_6967

From the inside, you only see one line of stitching.  I’m also quite proud of the fact that I have mastered lining up armpit seams.



So after the shirts were assembled, it was time to decorate with sea creatures.

First up, dolphin.


And sea turtle

IMG_6956 IMG_6955 IMG_6934

And sailfish.  Because yes, that is what he wanted.


Finally, the kids testing out their new super powers.

IMG_6986 IMG_6995 IMG_7017  IMG_7028IMG_7011IMG_7039  IMG_7051IMG_7018

ETA: A few things I forgot to mention- The little mister’s cape ended up too low since I didn’t shrink the yoke accordingly when cutting down the pattern, so I had to creatively raise it by adding a few rows of stitching under.  You can see that in a few of the pictures.  Also, The princess’s front panel is lined, so that is how I got away with not attaching the neck band in the front.  (The teal was a little too see through for a growing girl…)  Lastly, I ended up using something similar to Wonder Under because I couldn’t find the actual product.  It worked great, and in these photos the sailfish and the dolphin aren’t stitched on.  I did go back and add reinforcing stitches because the big kids decided that they would wear the shirts a lot and I didn’t want to risk losing the animals since I wasn’t sure about the longevity of the adhesive.  I am very happy with how these turned out, and grateful for Project Run and Play and Kiki and Company for the motivation to try something new.

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