The Every Occassion Dress


I will start out by apologizing for the photos.  My nine year old took them from the doorway just as it was starting to rain outside.  But I wanted to post a few pictures of my latest creation before I take it with me on vacation.

When I started designing this dress, it was going to be for my daughter.  But, I fell in love with it and upgraded it to my size.

The purpose of this creation was to have a piece with me at the beach that I can throw over my swimsuit if necessary, but also be nice enough to use if I need something a little dressier.  The idea came to me when I found the teal knit lace next to the slightly darker teal jersey knit.  It was a combination that I had to have.

I still haven’t decided if I like the petal hem or if it is too juvenile.  I’m obviously enjoying wearing it in these photos, but I might feel a lot more self conscious in front of other adults.


One thing that I love about the hem is that the light teal is an entirely separate skirt, that I can wear on its own.

The petals are only in the front/sides, and I’m debating about turning it into a high/low tunic that could go with shorts, skirts, or leggings.  Even jeans, really, in the fall.  What do you think?  Do you like the triangles or are they too unique?


Here you can see a bit of the scarf- it tucks into loops on the shoulders, and come come off for washing, or just for a more casual look.


This knit was NOT getting along with my machine, but in the end I won and managed to create a silhouette that I think flatters me.



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