Impromptu Head Shots


This thirteen year old needed updated head-shots for her modeling agency because she didn’t have any with her braces on.  I was by the lake with my kids and just my camera- no flashes, no reflectors, and way too much wind.  Plus, it was a bright sunny day.  And yet, I agreed.  I’m always up for a challenge.

First her mother requested a smile with no teeth visible.


That’s when I knew we were going to have fun.

I shot a few real quick by the brick wall in case we couldn’t find a better location.  The closed lip smile, a candid shot, I’m not sure what she was doing, and then a serious one.

IMG_7984 IMG_7982 IMG_7980 IMG_7975

Then we walked a little ways down the street.  She stopped to pose in front of a street sign.  What a ham!


I found a set of steps with semi-decent lighting, but I found the background too cluttery.


Still, I managed to get one great photo.

I managed to line up this one with her leaning over the hood of a white delivery van and a white storm door in the background…


But I wasn’t happy with the lighting.

Finally, I found the perfect location!  Unfortunately, the little model was tired and hungry, and it was starting to show.  Even so, I got three new shots in the new location against a garage door in the shade and away from the wind.

IMG_8007 IMG_8005 IMG_8000

Why, you might ask, are her lips closed in most of them if they are to update her file now that she has braces?  Because they wanted to demonstrate that she can still do the work and look great with the braces on, either visible or hidden.

What a beautiful young girl!  Best of luck in your acting career!


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