Heart Cutout Dress (Simplicity 1382)

So Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1 each the other day, and pickings were a bit slim, but I fell in love with number 1382.  Unfortunately, they only had the plus size pattern left.


I figured “How hard can it be to cut it down to size?”  Answer?  VERY!

My daughter is about a size 10 with Simplicity patterns, although she is long so I often cut a 12 or even 14 and then bring the torso in to match the 10.  Being a plus size pattern, I thought I’d cut the size 8 with 14 length.

The problem was that the plus size, even the smaller size, is much WIDER than I needed.  I trimmed things in as much as I could, but the dress still ended up being a bit too wide, especially in the torso.

The other thing that made this dress difficult was that I used a knit instead of a woven.  It is a very stable knit (I used it to make myself a jacket here…) so I treated it like a cotton weave for the most part.

Lastly, I forgot to purchase a zipper!  I had a red one in my stash, and I was going to try to make it hidden, but princess loved the contrast, so instead of using the teal matching buttons, we found some red contrast buttons in my stash and a pop of color was born on the back.

So, here are the pictures.  First, the front.  It is a bit wide, but not too bad.  She loves how much freedom of movement she has.  I ended up having to gather the front a bit to fit the waist band after I cut it to size.  It makes the abdomen look a bit poochy, but she doesn’t mind.  She says she can eat more that way.

IMG_8243 IMG_8249 IMG_8251

Now, the back.  The heart cutout was painstaking, but the end result is pretty awesome.  I redid the zipper in order to make it exposed, but it created a funky pucker at the bottom (I’m still not that great at zippers).  Plus, being knit, it warped a bit.  Not too bad, definitely still wearable, but not perfect.

IMG_8250 IMG_8253 IMG_8252

Lastly, the hook and eye above the zipper wouldn’t hold.  She holds too much or it is too loose or something.  So I replaced it with a snap.


3 thoughts on “Heart Cutout Dress (Simplicity 1382)

  1. I bought this pattern 1382 AA online from JoAnn’s and they sent me the plus size! I had to send it back and I’ve been looking for the right size ever since. I don’t think I have the skill to cut it down, and I want to make it for my adopted orphan in Uganda, who is very skinny.
    I’m still looking. I looked through all 1,500+ girls dress patterns on eBay and only found the plus size!


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