Fairy Princess Warrior Halloween Costume


Since the Little Mister had wings, Princess needed wings.  And not just any wings, Fairy Princess Warrior wings.  Um, okay?

I found a premade Marie Antoinette dress that she liked for $8 on clearance, and I added a petal layer in teal knit as well as some flowers.  Then I made a headband and decorated her bow and started the long process of making the wings.

This was my inspiration, although I did it a bit different.


I chose a butterfly shape, and I stitched visible ribbing between the patches of material.  I also painted a teal wash over the whole thing, and I did the wire with pipe cleaners around the outside instead of just the ribs.

All in all, I’d say about 20 hours went into this costume.  There is an ABSURD amount of detail in those wings!

IMG_0263 IMG_0266 IMG_0272IMG_0256 IMG_0274 IMG_0277 IMG_0279-Edit IMG_0302 IMG_0313


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