Another Dragon Costume for Halloween


I saved this costume for last, since I had only the vaguest idea what my plan was.  It sort of morphed and changed as I was making it.  Basically, I found the scale-like fabric for a great price, and knew I wanted to make the dragon body from it.  I also knew that his wings needed to be a single color, or at least close to it because of the wildness of the scales.  He chose gold window sheer fabric with a lovely texture.

I started with the wings, as they were the highlight of his costume, like his brother and sister’s wings.

I felt the window sheers were too sheer, so I started by layering a darker organza layer in between.  Next time, remind me to use cotton weave or something MUCH LESS SLIPPERY.


I made a wing template out of kraft paper (from my husband’s shipping supplies- packing paper comes in great big sheets) and pinned it to the fabric.


Then I stitched along the black lines, trimmed off the excess fabric, and peeled the paper off.  I also started adding texture stitching, using a light colored thread along the bottom edges.



I stopped taking photos then, because I realized I was out of time and had to rush through the completion process, but I gradually changed the thread color as I ran out, going darker and darker as I went up the wings.  Then I added dark pipe cleaners along the ribs to give it more structure, including a looped one on the curved claw at the shoulder of the wing.  You can kind of see it in this image of my son being a “shy dragon”.


After the wings, I made a quick tunic top and sewing the wings on down the two middle rib lines.


I then made simple elastic waist pants with a tail, with little wings on the end made the same way as the main wings.  I included a loop so it doesn’t drag in the mud.


Finally, we went back and forth on adding some sort of ears or texture to the hood, and we finally settled on something similar to the frills of certain lizards.


So, there you have it.  The big mister’s scary dragon.  I was rushing on this one, so it only took 4 or 5 hours.  There are lots of things I would like to have done better or differently, but overall, it turned out exactly how he wanted.


20151019-IMG_0816  20151019-IMG_0819


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