Halloween Photo Shoot

clover park-1

The first thing we did was pay our respects and make a promise to treat the graveyard with respect.

clover park-2

Then we took some photos in the little bits of shade we could find.

clover park-3  clover park-5 clover park-12clover park-22clover park-27

Then I tried to get individual photos with a really tall gravestone.

clover park-29clover park-16clover park-23clover park-21

He is hard to photograph!  But the way the sunlight illuminated his wings inspired me to try backlighting all their wings at once.

clover park-6

Then we entered the little fenced in area.

clover park-7clover park-10clover park-11clover park-4clover park-13 clover park-8

Then I let the boys take a couple of “scary” photos.  It was a cemetery, after all.

clover park-14 clover park-15

Then I took some of just the princess.

clover park-17 clover park-18 clover park-19clover park-20

Then the big mister.

clover park-28clover park-30

Finally, on our way out, little mister found a friend.

clover park-24 clover park-25clover park-26

And we almost forgot the one little mister wanted- elephant tails!  The loop on big mister’s tail can be used to make sure we don’t lose little mister during our holiday festivities!

clover park-9


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