A TV Inspired Jacket

I loved this jacket that I saw on TV…

And I needed one.  But, I always like to change things, so I went with blue crepe instead of black, and pink cotton instead of the creamy satiny lining.  This way it can go from dressy to casual a lot easier.  I also ditched the collar and the brass buttons on the sleeves.

So there aren’t many pictures of this project either, largely because it took me almost two years!!!!  I wanted it to be perfect, and I kept getting discouraged and moving on to other projects.  I think it turned out okay, but I am unhappy with the puckering around the zipper.  I despise zippers.  I have mastered just about everything else, but zippers still elude me.  I wanted a zipper instead of the hooks and eyes, because I have another somewhat similar jacket with hooks and they never stay put when I wiggle.  And I wiggle a lot. So…

Here it is.  It ended up a little too long in the back because apparently I can’t do math.  But, I like the end result.

IMG_1650 IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1684 IMG_1689


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