A Medieval Robe

Creating costumes is one of my FAVORITE ways to use my sewing skills.  This winter, I have the privilege of costuming a bunch of kids in a medieval tale.  I started with the pivotal piece that transports the main character back in time, a robe.

This was so much fun to design.  I made it entirely from two curtain panels ($7 and $10), a cream bedsheet ($5) and scraps of ribbon and gold fabric and elastic.

It FLEW together, which is always extremely exciting when things go to plan.  (I have a doublet in progress now that is NOT flying together, so sometimes it goes either way.)

I started with the sleeves, rectangles of cream sheet that got wider at the shoulder and with two elastic loops on either side of the elbow.  Added ribbon just above the hem.  I then made the bodice, and fully lined it with the same cream fabric.  I attached teh sleeves to the cream lining, and then made the oversleeves, which I attached to the bodice as well.  Then I attached the fully lined teal portion, and added the scallops with the gold band over top.  Finally, I used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes and laced up the back.  So incredibly fast and easy and amazingly beautiful!

As of right now, there is a single button at the waist, but I may add velcro or other closures depending on the size of the child who is cast in the role.  Also, the skirt gathers can be pulled up to accommodate shorter actresses.

IMG_1714 IMG_1712 IMG_1709 IMG_1699


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