The Elephant Formal Shirt

This project may have been the craziest thing I have ever attempted, and that is saying a lot!  He loves soft fabrics, and HATES button up shirts.  But he needed formal wear for a concert, and he was jealous of his sister’s horse dress, and he begged me for an elephant shirt.

So, this project was born.  The dark gray is some sort of synthetic from my scrap bin, and it MELTED when I tried to iron it since the flannel requires a higher heat.  So it was a nightmare.  Plus, I was using a men’s pattern because it was all I had, and I am not so great at sizing down patterns.

And I ran out of elephant flannel, so the sleeve lining is a bit patchworky.

AND I foolishly decided to do contrast top stitching everywhere while simultaneously operating under a VERY tight time frame.  That was not smart…

Even so, it turned out adorable and he loves it.



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