Designing Fabric

So I have been trying and trying to decide what to make for the kids’ drama directors and choir directors since the princess has been in the group for SEVEN years and this is her last year so I want to do something sweet.  Also, after making the horse dress and the elephant shirt, the little mister wants a dragon shirt.  I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to make my own fabric.

I got out my sharpie and drew some designs, then I photographed them and imported them into Photoshop where I colored them in and created fabric designs.

The problem is, I have all these designs to make a shirt and SOMETHING else… but what?  There are two ladies, and a couple that I want to make gifts for.

The designs are based on this year’s musical.  So I need your help- do I make pillowcases, handbags, little stuffed figures, fabric books?  Any suggestions or votes GREATLY appreciated!  Help me!

character strip.jpg

dragon scatter2fix

Other fabric designs in process are a character scatter like the previous dragon scatter, a book panel like the dragon panel that says “Happily Forever After” (the name of the show), and individual character panels.

So I need your help virtual friends!dragon panel2


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