Piper Pencil Skirt (Peek-a-Boo Pattern)

This post is all about the Peek-a-Boo Pattern that I was so fortunate to test… The Piper Pencil Skirt.


I made one for me, two for Lindy, and one for a friend.  So far.  It is amazingly easy and fast, and looks STUNNING.  You really, really ought to get it.  She even has a kid size version!


Heck, while you’re at it, check out all her other patterns.  I love the cowl neck tops, and jackets.  So many coat patterns…

Anyway, here are the images of this awesome skirt of which I speak…

My first project I STILL haven’t photographed on me yet.  I am bad about getting photos of me…


Mine is the blue one with the little tuck at the knee.  A fun little detail that happened by accident.  Don’t ask, it’s embarrassing.  But the end result is adorable.

The second was the red skirt you see above for the princess.  I did a whole post on that outfit, but here’s a reminder.


But here’s the other one I made for the princess, the one that I was actually assigned to make.  I took so many pictures, the skirt was SO PERFECT.  So I hope I am not overdoing it, but here you go.

The first photo session was indoors due to bad weather.

But then it warmed up a bit, so we went outside… but it was still really cold.

So, not my best photos, but there are some good ones.

Finally, my friend made one all by herself with my direction.  She is brand new at sewing.  Even thought it is knit, she could do it.  So can you.  Buy this pattern.


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