Promotional Photos

So with opening night drawing near, and my costume production still in full swing in spite of a recently injured back, I also had the privilege of photographing part of the cast in a last minute shoot.  I had a miniature “helper” as well.


Anyway, here are the guys that showed up…


I made the red vest, hat, gold britches, green tabard, brown bag, navy doublet and gold cape, brocade jacket and matching hat.  The knight costume and white shirts were store bought on Halloween clearance.

Here are some of the girls.


I made the princess dress on the left, as well as a matching steeple hennin (traditional princess hat) but I couldn’t find it for the photos.  Last minute, remember?  That also explains the lack of footwear.  The ladies in waiting (blue and green) were all Halloween clearance, and the other two princess dresses were donated from Shakespeare productions.  I made the bags the ladies are carrying.

Here you have a “scene” involving the modern day museum docent and the guest who tried on a magical robe.  Go with it.


You can’t see the docent’s outfit very well, but I made her an elaborate robe and a tunic and skirt.  I also made the green robe on the girl.

This “scene” is when a group of travelers is stopped by the keeper of a bridge.


This “scene” is the travelers watching a magician perform.


More photos to come, I’m sure.  These were just a few for promotional purposes.  I am so proud of all my costumes!  I tried to make the royalty in warm colors and the serving class in blues and greens.  The only deviant is the navy royal.  I guess I can’t be perfect…


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