Golden Splendor

So I was going to make the perfect T shirt for my ADD cutie pie that was solid color with gold text “Sparkly things distract me.”  Except I never made it to the store for the heat transfer vinyl.  And then it occured to me that I have a living room OVERFLOWING with gold fabric and jewels and all things colorful since I’ve been making 6-8 costumes from scratch every week for next weeks show.

That’s when I decided to highlight one of the most glorious pieces.  I would explain how I did it, but I honestly have no idea.  I just cut pieces up and stuck them together until I liked the result.

THe gold and pomegranite dress started with two colors of donated silk, a gold drapery panel, and an embroidered upholstery panel, some window sheers, and a whole lot of ribbon.  Oh, plus a lot of muslin on the inside that you can’t see.


Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of the dress and none in progress.  I have my daughter goofing off in it without the gold underskirt.


I have a separate picture of the hat that I forgot to take when we did the cast photos…


I have the back to show the velcro closure (before I put it in!) and the gold cape…


And I have a close up of the shoulder, before I had sewn on the cape or front ribbons.  That is all.


This probably doesn’t count as my project run and play entry, but I have been sewing up a storm with gold fabric… Just not what I was hoping to enter.


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