I Made My Own Fabric!



Best.  Website.  Ever.  And the fabric is a delight!

Why am I using these to represent my signature style?  Because most of what I make is designed with my kids.  The older two are in a musical right now, and I used characters from the show to inspire some doodles that I turned into fabric.  Ideally, the boys’ shirts would fit better, but I made them both the same size halfway between their sizes because the show has a set of twins that needed shirts.  So those boys will borrow them and then my boys will get to keep them.  That’s another part of my signature style- everything has multiple uses!

I will be making more with this dragon fabric.  I haven’t ran out yet.  Maybe a shirt for the princess?  I have also made a notebook cover and a storage basket for the drama director and music director, as well as a purse for my daughter since it is her last year.

This is my boy style.  Girl style in a separate post, as soon as Amy of Peek-a-Boo patterns releases the pattern I used.  🙂


6 thoughts on “I Made My Own Fabric!

    • Yes! It is so amazing! I got some earlier this month when it was HALF PRICE!!!
      I wish I could afford more. This was the first time (and probably only, as I still haven’t sold anything… ETSY is not my friend…)


      • I bought some on their sale, too, and that was the first time I think they ever had a sale like that. It was great! I have heard the Etsy is not a great place to sell anymore. It is just hard to get noticed. I know some people are having luck with Instagram. I don’t understand how the whole thing works, though.


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