Tea Party Dress- Peek-a-boo patterns

So for my signature look for my daughter, which is SO different from what I sew for my sons, I had to go with fancy.  My boys get practical clothes, and sometimes my daughter does too, but when I really want to create something fun, it’s usually for the princess.  Skirts and dresses are so exciting to embellish!

In addition, I usually find something I like and experiment with it in all kinds of ways.  That is exactly what I did with this pattern from Peek-a-Boo Patterns.

Tea Party Dress.

My first dress was cut for a friend, and I had the rabbits cut before I cut the collar, and they didn’t quite fit, although I do kind of adore how they peek over the edges…

In addition, I used the baby pattern to make her doll a dress.  It turned out too big, but it is still cute…

So that was dress number one (and two if you count the doll).

Next up I made my daughter a dress.  She joined the tea party with her friend before her dress was done…

Then I finished her dress…

And made her doll a dress.  This time I narrowed teh shoulders on the baby dress and it worked perfect.

Next up I tried something with a knit yoke.  Not ideal, but still fun.

And I made one with a knit bottom for a friend’s granddaughter.

And then I FINALLY felt ready to tackle the big deal.  The main event.  The luxurious dress to top all dresses.

I had been given a bag of real, honest to goodness rabbit fur, you know, all stitched together on the underside with a bit of papery fabric.

So I cut into the fur.  It made the mother of all messes…


I chose a silky burgundy lining and gorgeous tapestry brocade and got to work.

The pattern is so wonderful, and it came together quickly and beautifully.

So there you have my signature style- over the top and exceedingly fun and quite a bit unpractical.  I also love to mix casual and formal elements.  Basically just playing around and learning new stuff as I go.




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