Beachcomber Shorts

Beachcomber pattern

So I had the honor of testing a new pattern from peek-a-boo, which I am sure every one of you will now need to go buy.  It is the most versatile and easy kids’ shorts pattern.  Since I sew for boys and girls, I love a pattern that can be used for both.

I may have gotten a bit carried away with making shorts…


And, to be honest, I have five more pairs cut and ready to go on my ironing board.

First I’d love to talk about the fact that these work for knits or wovens, without any changes or modifications.


Also, the optional faux draw string can be made from ribbon, cord, trim, or left off.  Or you can decorate the waistband with buttons.

The pattern calls for just sewing the ribbon on (as in the red knit pair) but on the white pair I added button holes and thread the ribbon through to give it a more legit look.  I’ve done pairs with the buttons centered on the waistband, and with the buttons near the pockets.  Buttons aren’t in the directions, but I love how they look.

One thing that Amy did add to the pattern is the option of piping or trim.  I love how this can be used on just the pockets, or the pockets and cuffs, and that it can be masculine or feminine.


Additionally, there is a basic waist band option, and a more feminine “paper bag” waist option, which can be seen in the white pair above.  My daughter prefers the wider elastic, so I only did one pair with this style waist.

Finally, the shorts come in two length options.  Shortie, like the white pair above, and bermuda, like all my other pairs.  Cut as is, the bermudas are a slim fit perfect for uniform shorts (not pictured, they are in the laundry right now.  LOL)  Here they are in teal with contrast trim and pockets.


And they aren’t too slim for boys.  At least if your boys are string beans.

But if you have an active monkey like me, and would like to widen the shorts one size, that gives a little more room.  I also shortened them a size to prevent his knees getting caught.


So here are a bunch of photos we took in their shorts.



Edited to add:  In one week, I whipped up a whole bunch MORE of these shorts.  My kids are set for summer now!

Some miscellaneous pairs for my princess…

A special bicycle themed pair…

Some pairs for my big mister…


And some more for the little mister…




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