The Chicken Jacket

The chicken jacket was a brilliant stroke of inspiration for my little one with speech difficulties.  We’ve been focusing on the sounds of “ch” and “j” and “k”.  He wants to call it his “shi-en sha-et,” but I don’t give it to him until he slows down and says it correctly.  Since he LOVES the coat (he helped design it in his favorite color with his favorite animal) it has helped immensely, especially since even in the summer sometimes the wind can be a bit nippy off the lake.  And he was in desperate need of a jacket that fit!

We started with the Starboard Jacket pattern from Peek-a-boo.  The only changes I made were leaving out the elastic, and adding trim to the cuff and band seams.


I quilted the lining made of two layers of fleece.


I made the pocket lining a bit bigger so it could fold over and show more.


And here is the back and side with that awesome hood showing.

Perfect summer weight “little red mister hood” jacket.



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