Summertime Library Wear

One of our favorite summer activities is the summer reading club at the library.  Sure, we love bike riding and swimming, but as a family, we tend to hibernate in the summer since our fair skin results in way too many sunburns in spite of our best efforts to the contrary.  (In fact, right now princess is sporting an extremely painful burn on her back.  Poor thing.)

So, when testing a dress pattern for Peek-a-Boo Patterns (available now at this link), I was inspired by this dress by FrancesSuzanne– mainly the adorable collection of fabric books.

Sewing for Disney: Belle {Oliver + S, Ice Cream Dress}

This dress was my first experience with shirring, so I practiced on a dress for a friend (which turned out pretty cute if I do say so, even if a little too big.)


Then I dove in and created the princess her library dress.  I am so proud of the shirring!!!!  I’m totally going to use this in tons of clothes now.  Shirred waistbands especially will be a big hit I think.


I ran the shirring a bit too tight, so there is a tiny bit of pulling in the front.  Learning curve…


But I am so happy with this dress, and so is she!

I lined the bodice front for extra modesty.  Doesn’t she look so prim and proper?


And oh so serious…


But best of all was curling up in the window seat…


And then Mommy let her have a book.  Heaven for this princess.


And then, she got really comfortable and didn’t even notice I was there.  I love this one so much I turned it into a painting.



Meanwhile, I made my little mister an outfit, and the first day he wore it we went to the library to get books.  So, he insists that this outfit is HIS library outfit.  LOL.



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