Grecian Birthday Dress

For her birthday this year, the princess wanted a party themed on Greek Mythology.  And she wanted a white and gold goddess dress.  They don’t make patterns for that!  Fortunately, I did own a pattern (Cape Cod by Peek-a-Boo) for a dress with an elastic waist that worked as a great starting point.  I widened the bodice and left off the sleeves, lining the bodice by cutting it out twice instead of doing a placket and collar.   I added gold bands on the shoulder from some leftover gold silk, and a scarf with embroidered edges (yay for those random stitches on the sewing machine I thought I’d never use!) with metallic gold thread.


The hem is another gold band from the silk, which I embroidered on top of with the metallic thread.  The underskirt has the metallic embroidery too.  Time consuming, but oh so worth it!  The gold belt was a last minute addition, and I’m not in love with how bunchy it looks.  We put elastic in it because the waist elastic wasn’t quite tight enough and we needed to hold everything in place better.

The finishing touch was the gold embroidered silk leaves for her hair!


And now, photos of the dress in action.  85 degree heat, high humidity and barely any air movement, but the dress was so breezy she didn’t get hot at all.




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