90 degree Autumn

Summer seems to be interminable this year.  Mid September, and we’re still hitting 90 degree days.  I have had these fall outfits sitting around for almost a month waiting to take photographs.  Alas, fall weather was not to be had.  So I bit the bullet and we went outside on a foggy Sunday morning and shot a few pictures.

My first piece is a Raglan 3/4 sleeve T for the big mister.


Next up was a T shirt (modified from Peek-a-Boo’s Day Camp T) and a pair of knit pants (modified from Peek-a-Boo’s Beachcomber Shorts) for the little mister.


Finally, the princess is wearing a polo shirt (modified from the Sunkissed T and Poppy Polo from Peek-a-Boo), a cardigan (mostly self drafted) and a modified Seattle Skater Skirt (Peek-a-Boo again).


Here’s how I made this delightful creations.  I cut ALL my pieces first, because I only had a half yard of each custom print and I needed to be very careful to get everything I needed.  (By the way, the fabric is all from Peek-a-Boo too.)

I created an argyle pattern from scraps to decorate the front of the big mister’s shirt.  It is surprisingly hard for me to make “big kid” styles, so I’m happy with how this turned out, even if I used the wrong interfacing and it’s a bit wobbly.  Next time I’ll get it right…


I also must have stretched the neck opening or something, because it puckers a little under the neckband in the front.  I’m new to knits, so it’s a learning curve.  Overall, we both love it.  Next up was the little mister.


So when I cut the T-shirt, I was worried that the panel was too short and that after adding a one inch hem, it would be just at the top of his pants and his belly might hang out if he lifted his arms.  He was in bed, so I couldn’t measure him.  I figured I’ll just add a band to the bottom.  Why did I decide to make a giant band?  I was too lazy to cut the remaining strip of pumpkin fabric.  LOL.  I think it gives it a fun funky vibe. Helps keep his pants up, too.  The brown yoke on the back of his shirt was because the 1/2 yard of pumpkin fabric wasn’t quite tall enough.  And even though it wasn’t planned, I ADORE it.  The pants are just the best thing ever.  He loves that the pockets go nearly to his knees.  He can store all kinds of treasures in there.


Lastly the princess.  The polo and cardigan were already discussed in another blog post, so the only new piece I made for her was the skirt.  (The polo and cardigan were made to go with the back to school clothes AND these fall clothes.   Multipurpose clothes are the best.)  The only modifications I made to this skirt was I added a panel of foxes to the sides, because more fabric is always better. And even tweens need twirly skirts.


Oh, and they weren’t the only beneficiaries of cute fall fabric.  Mom got in the action too!


So there you have it.  We are ready for fall.  Even if the weather isn’t cooperating.




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