Not Your Average Joe

Lately, I’ve been sewing a lot.  A lot of costumes that is!  A dozen poodle skirts with scarves…img_9894

A whole bunch of siblings running a diner (aren’t those hats and skirts to DIE for?)


A bunch of extras, but I’m especially fond of this little dude’s shirt.  Or maybe it’s just the little dude that I’m biased for… LOL.



Of course, we can’t leave out his brother… perhaps the most amazing costume of all…


Yep.  That’s a fat suit.  And yep, we traveled from the diner to a tropical beach.  I’m particularly fond of the hawaiian shirt, but the little blue dress is pretty awesome too…


And how could I forget the wrap skirts… those flowers were a NIGHTMARE to paint… but they turned out lovely!  (at least from a distance…)


So there you have it, just some of the costumes from Not Your Average Joe.



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