Pre-blog Sewing Projects

img_6080   My very first sewing project.  A simple pair of elastic waist shorts for the littlest mister.  He was (and is) in love with all things monkey.  The back of the T (an old hand-me-down) also includes his name cut out of fabric and appliqued on.
img_6123 My second sewing project was a simple rectangle skirt for the princess.  She helped choose the fabrics, and we both absolutely adore it!  It is much sturdier than the little mister’s shorts, and it has lasted through many washing and drying cycles.  The T shirt shown was purchased already embellished (from Target) but she loves to wear it with the skirt.
img_6082 And the next sewing project, created in conjunction with the princess’s skirt, was this shirt and T set for the littlest niece’s first birthday.  The owl was a simple iron on, and the hair clip was created with a rolled up strip of extra ruffle.  Easy Peasy!
img_6567The next project was quite a bit more ambitious.  There are a number of things I would do differently if I repeated the project, and who’s to say I won’t?  Princess and I both really like it, imperfections and all.  It was created from a collection of fat quarters cut into elongated diamond shapes, which turned out to be an utter nightmare to hem.  Still haven’t figured out how to fix that problem, but this was over a year ago, and I’ve since upgraded my skill set considerably.  So, a repeat project could be in the works.
img_8099 Now this dress, was an important first for me.  My first pattern (which I of course didn’t follow exactly) and my first zipper.  As before, there were flaws, but in the end it was an adorably wearable dress and the oldest niece loved it.  Princess loved it so much I made her the same dress in blue minus the sheer pink band.
  img_1194 Christmas rolled around, and suddenly I couldn’t find something for my sensory son that wasn’t just too uncomfortable or too casual.  So, I improvised.  Used the chevron fabric to make a belt for the princess, as well as this tie for the big mister.  Littlest mister wore a store bought shirt in the same colors.
In between these projects, I also made a number of pairs of elastic waist pants for the skinny mini little mister.  Most were just super simple elastic waist pants like MADE’s  tutorial, but one pair I added a furry pocket and cuffs.
IMG_0532 IMG_9421 
After Christmas, I was enlisted to help make costumes for over 70 children in a musical production about a clown and the circus.   Most of the photos are not my kids, so I’m not  posting here, but here’s big mister trying out the ringmaster costume.
img_2043   img_2929-edit And then all three of the Ropplings testing out some of the elephant costumes.  Not perfect, but they were for one show, and absolutely adorable from a distance.Next came the real guts.  Making something for myself.  To wear.  In public.

For this endeavor, I purchased a pattern.  Which I, of course, didn’t follow exactly.  My proportions are not typical, so I had to redraft a lot of the pattern, but it turned out way better than I could have imagined, and not only did I insert another zipper, this one was a hidden zipper!  I also learned how to do pleats.  And that if I am removing a seam, i need to subtract the seam allowance, or else you will have a pucker or a pleat or a seam anyway.

After this project, I bought myself a dress form, because it was astronomically difficult to measure and try on at the same time.  I named her Flo.  She is a lifesaver.  Granted, I’ve only used her on one other project, but this one was a real dousy.  Drafted from a downloadable pattern, it was a fairy tale jacket.


The sleeves were something I’d never tried before, so in spite of much effort, they are a little bit off.  But, my next jacket will be better, I’ve already figured out how to solve some of my problems.  My next jacket is in the planning stage.  Just need money to buy the fabric! It will be closed in the front, knee length with a longer back, lots of deep pleats for swingability.  Navy crepe with a petal pink lining.  Ah… I’m drooling at the prospect.

img_3266 In the meantime, I whipped out a skirt after being inspired by someone at church.  This was my first attempt with knit.  I cut everything on the bias, and it went shockingly well.  Wait, it wasn’t my first attempt.  My first attempt was last summer when I created this, which looks fine in the image, but stretched and stretched beyond all wearability after just a few washes. 




That brings me to this little cutie I whipped up playing around with lace, satin, and whatever the slippery print is.  Definitely only works under a blazer due to some serious flaws, but I learned a bunch, and am now in the process of using that knowledge to create the oldest niece a formal dress.  So far, so good.  Trying to figure out how to insert a fake bra right now.

But that project is on hold because right now, I’m making Easter outfits for the kidlets.  And the first one is done.  Pants for the littlest mister!  See the main blog for the full tutorial, my very first.  And now I have caught you up with a speedy look at my self taught sewing crash course.  I couldn’t have done it without reading the internet and blogs from other crafty Momma’s, so I decided to return the love.

I hope you have as much fun as possible while you design and sew along with me!


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